Sydney Burger Joint Sparks Outrage With 'Disgusting' Easter Post

A Sydney restaurant has received backlash after making an "offensive" post to social media depicting Jesus with a stubby and cigarette in hand.

Mary's Newtown, a popular bar and burger joint in the city's inner west, shared the post on Wednesday to promote the venue's Easter long weekend opening hours.

The image -- which featured a well-known depiction of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus but with Christ holding a cigarette and beer can --  was uploaded to Facebook and Instagram.

"Jesus got hammered for his sins, you can too. Open from 12 Good Friday and ALL long weekend," the caption said.

The 'Christian Lives Matter' Facebook page -- which boasts more than 17,000 fans -- quickly picked up on the post, threatening that it would hold a rosary at Mary's unless the post was removed.

"That's absolutely disgusting!" one user commented on Christian Lives Matter's post, referring to Mary's.

"Why are we expected to 'respect' other people's views yet they are allowed to totally disrespect our beliefs?"

The bar's Google reviews have also been inundated with one-star reviews and angry comments.

According to comments on the religious group's page, several people reported the image and caption as offensive to Facebook and Instagram but were unsuccessful in getting it removed under the platforms' guidelines.

One user reported the post for use of "hate speech or symbols".

"We reviewed the post you reported for hate speech or symbols and found it does not violate our Community Guidelines," Instagram said in a response to the complaint.

Mary's removed the post a short time later, with Christian Lives Matter claiming credit.

"Mary's Newtown took down that post less than half hour after we posted we will be praying rosary there on Good Friday if they didn't take down the post," the religious group said on Facebook.

"#christianlivesmatter always defending Our Lord and freedom of speech as all lives matter including Christians as well as all other faiths."

The group has previously caused a stir over a mural of the late George Michael in Newtown, which it claimed was "offensive, discriminatory and pornographic".

Christian Lives Matter posted the address of the mural, and asked its followers to "demand removal and protect the eyes of innocent children."

The mural was later defaced by Sydney man Ben Gittany, although there is no suggestion Gittany was connected to Christian Lives Matter. He was ordered to pay a $14,000 fine in compensation, and complete 300 hours of community service.

10 daily has reached out to both Mary's Newtown and Christian Lives Matter for comment.