Violent Carjacking Caught On Camera In Melbourne

Dramatic footage of a man stealing a car in Melbourne has been released by the county court.

The footage, taken by a police helicopter in 2017, shows Patrick McMillan dragging a woman from her car and throwing her to the ground after a scuffle ensues while he tries to steal the car.

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The woman, wearing a denim skirt and a white t-shirt, is tossed violently by the shoulders after appearing to stop McMillan from driving away in the red Jaguar by tossing her keys to the road.

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Some men attempt to assist the woman by opening the passenger door, with one man appearing to try and grab the car keys again through the open window.

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The woman then waves with both arms towards the police helicopter to get the attention of officers before McMillan reverses the car quickly into the vehicle behind.

The Jaguar was just one of several vehicles that McMillan stole during a 90-minute police chase that involved him threatening a police officer with a handgun and driving at speeds of over 200 kilometres per hour down emergency highway lanes.

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McMillan plead guilty last week to 17 charges including armed robbery, assault, carjacking, and assaulting a police officer but he is yet to be sentenced.