'Captivating' Video of Bill Shorten Applying Sunscreen With His Knuckles

Bill Shorten was caught on camera applying sunscreen with his knuckles while announcing a rebrand of the classic Slip, Slop, Slap campaign.

Labor has promised to work with Cancer Council Australia to launch a sun safety campaign for a new generation of Australians.

Unfortunately, the  Labor leader was caught on camera applying sunscreen with his knuckles at the announcement event in Gosford.

Political cartoonist Paul Zanetti commented that Shorten was "just not Australian" for his sunscreen application and he's convinced that shorten is "not of this world".

Bill Shorten, 2016. Source: Getty.

This is not the first time Shorten has been caught on camera behaving in a way that confused voters -- in 2016 he was photographed eating a sausage roll sideways, which caused widespread confusion.

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As expected the internet perplexed by the sunscreen application.