Drunk Man Allegedly Stole, Crashed Truck Into Sydney Cafe

Police have arrested an intoxicated 33-year-old man who allegedly stole a three-tonne truck from Martin Place and crashed it through the front window of a cafe.

Police were called to George Street just after 2am on Wednesday morning with reports that construction workers had detained a man who stole a truck from a worksite.

The truck had been parked in Martin Place for Light Rail construction when the man allegedly got in and drove it through the worksite.

The heist was brief, as the man only managed to drive a short distance before driving the vehicle through the front window of a George Street cafe.

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While the suspect initially attempted to drive away, he was physically removed from the truck by construction workers who then detained him until police arrived.

The Queenscliff man was arrested and tested positive to a roadside breath test.

He has been taken to Day Street Police Station, where he will be charged.