'It's Quite Surreal': Photos Abandoned In Adelaide Car Park Claimed By Family In Scotland

Mystery still surrounds a collection of old family photos found in a car park in Adelaide’s south.

The discovery has sparked an international search for their owner, with the news of the find reaching north eastern Scotland.

The box of pictures was found in a supermarket trolley in the suburb of Woodcroft, two weeks ago.

The subject matter and information written on the back of some photos reveals they were taken in Aberdeen during the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

Supermarket worker Anna posted about her discovery online, in the hope of tracking down who had left them behind.

Her post was shared thousands of times, and international media coverage brought the story to Alistair Riddoch, who grew up in Aberdeen, who spotted his family in the pictures.

Alistair Riddoch says this is his family in the photo. Supplied.

"I got a message from my brother Kenneth on Facebook, and he said take a read of this -- 10 News First Adelaide -- I was speechless," Riddoch said.

“Absolutely emotional. I was in tears to see photographs of myself and my family.”

He believes the pictures belonged to a great uncle who migrated to Australia in 1957, and lived at Peterborough in the Southern Flinders Ranges until he died 14 years ago.

Alistair outside the same property where he says the original photo was taken. Photo: Supplied.

"They are photographs of my brother, my Mum and dad, my gran and granddad, my cousins,” Riddoch said.

“It's quite surreal. I just feel that there's another bit of this story, there's an end to this story yet that hasn't been uncovered."

The photos are still in the care of the supermarket worker who found them, but if no one comes forward to claim them, they'll be on their way back to Scotland within a few weeks.