Narelda Jacobs' On-Air Clap Back After Radio Host Tells Woman To 'Put On Bra'

Narelda Jacobs has clapped back at radio host Darryl Brohman after he told co-host Erin Molan to put on a bra.

During a segment on 2GB's 'Continuous Call Team' on Saturday, Brohman made the comment during an interview with one of Australia's leading sports journalists  Erin Molan.

"I'm feeling uncomfortable," Molan can be heard saying as she chuckles during the interview, which Brohman quickly follows up with "well go put a bra on, you'll feel better".

The panel reacts to Jacobs' comments. Photo: Channel 10

10 News First Perth presenter Narelda Jacobs, who was a guest host on Studio 10 this morning, said the comment was disgraceful.

"Does Erin sit there and tell Daryll 'stop adjusting your nuts?'" she quipped.

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The comment both stunned and amused her fellow panellists Angela Bishop, Joe Hildebrand and Richard Reid,  and she received a slow clap from Sarah Harris.