Chinese Tourist Chugs 3L Of Milk After Being Stopped In Melbourne Airport

Here's something you don't see every day.

A Chinese tourist visiting Australia chugged back nearly three litres of milk after being stopped by airport security.

The tourist had attempted to bring the opened container of milk through security at Melbourne Airport, which is against security policy.

Rather than let the drink go to waste however, he tipped his head back and attempted to drink the whole thing down. Miraculously, he didn't spill a drop, although the footage didn't make it clear if he managed to get the whole thing down.



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Some onlookers appeared to be horrified, while others were simply amused.

Footage of this man's heroic attempt -- reportedly recorded by his friend --- is going viral on Chinese social media. In it, onlookers can be seen watching the man with amusement and horror.

According to website Pear, the Zhengzhou man drank it back for two reasons: milk is cheaper in Australia than in China, and he was "bored".

"It's not unusual for people to finish off an opened drink before going through security," a spokesperson for Melbourne Airport told 10 daily.

"But this isn't something I've seen before!"

Milk prices have become a hot topic in Australia in recent months. Photo: Getty.



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The price of milk has been a highly contentious issue in recent months, with major supermarket chains Woolworths, Coles and Aldi axing its $1 milk in order to secure a better deal for dairy farmers.

Over in China, milk can cost significantly more, ranging anywhere from a few dollars to $10 per litre. Last year, reports emerged that the Tasmania-based but Chinese-owned Van Diemen's Land Company -- Australia's largest dairy farm -- reportedly used Chinese-Australian shoppers, or 'daigou', to sell its product direct to China for $20 per litre.

This isn't the first time a passenger's drinking skills have made headlines. In 2015, a Chinese woman reportedly downed a full $270 bottle of Cognac at security control in Beijing after being told she couldn't bring it through security.



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