New Details Emerge After Woman Was Allegedly Tortured And Held Hostage For Four Days

A woman who was allegedly held hostage, raped and tortured for four days was saved by her friends who contacted her captor over Facebook. 

The 39-year-old Vietnamese national was allegedly held against her will by a man she had met on dating app Badoo in his home in Darley, north-west of Melbourne.

The pair had been dating for about two months when Wilson allegedly picked up the woman from her workplace in Ivanhoe on March 25 and drove her to his house on Grey Street, Darley.

Wilson's Grey Street residence. Image: 10 News First

Whey they arrived he allegedly assaulted her and wouldn't let her leave the property. She was also allegedly raped, assaulted, threatened with a crossbow and was forced to transfer $3000 from her bank account to Wilson's.

The four-day ordeal only ended when her friends noticed she hadn't been seen in a number of days.

According to 7News, one of the woman's friends found the alleged captor, Robert Wilson on Facebook and made contact with him. After a day of back-and-forth, the woman's friends arrived that the Grey Street address and found their friend.

While Wilson allegedly denied to her friends he hadn't held the woman against her will, one friend told 7News, "she was crying, she said she was in a very bad situation".

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Robert Wilson. Image: 10 News First Melbourne

Grey Street residents were shocked that this could occur in the quiet suburb.

"You never think it's going to happen around your own area, do you," resident Paul Hose told 10 News First Melbourne.

Hose also said he was surprised he didn't hear any unusual noise from the property while the alleged ordeal was unfolding.

"It's weird, actually. Yes, [I heard] not a single thing, it's a bit strange," Hose said.

Another neighbour said he knew Wilson well and is shocked.

"He used to say 'hello' and' how are you going', walk up and shake your hand ..." the neighbour said.

Man Accused Of Taking Hostage
Robert Wilson was arrested on Tuesday. Image: 10 News First.

Wilson was arrested on Tuesday and charged with three counts of rape, false imprisonment and theft. He refused to appear in the dock at Melbourne Magistrates' Court and did not apply for bail.

His alleged victim remains in hospital with serious injuries to her face and body.

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