The Tiny Mistake In Scott Morrison's New 'Back In Black' Budget Photos

Ahhhhh, Budget Day.

On the face of it, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is pretty excited about this Budget.

It's the first time in 12 years the Budget has returned to surplus, and ScoMo is so thrilled about being 'Back in Black', he's overhauled his social media presence with a flashy new set of black and white headshots.

(Why black and white you ask? Because the Budget is BACK IN BLACK, duh.)

See what he did there?

Scott Morrison
Scott Morrison's flashy new pictures. Image: Facebook/Scott Morrison.

Just go to our PM's Facebook and see the shiny new pictures splashed across the page. On his Twitter, he proudly announced "the first Budget surplus in 12 years" with the groovy hashtag "#buildingoureconomy".

It seems the PM's team were so excited to get Morrison's new pictures on social media they failed to take a few minutes to double check his caption.

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"We’re back in black! Going B&W today in honor of the first Budget surplus we’re delivering tonight in 12 years," his Facebook post reads.

Yes, that's 'honor' without the 'u' -- i.e. the American spelling.

Scott Morrison
Too keen to get those images out there?Image: Facebook/Scott Morrison.

Many people commented, congratulating the Prime Minister on the surplus.

One user ironically asked the PM to put extra money into grammar and spelling education.

"Hey Scott Morrison could you put some money into education please because some of the spelling and grammar in this thread is appalling Thanks," the user wrote.

While this user didn't seem to notice the PM's own spelling error, Morrison's social media team eventually did. The spelling was changed to the correct 'honour' hours after the image was posted.

Scott Morrison
Much better. Image: Facebook/Scott Morrison.

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Tuesday night's budget is set to deliver tax cuts to low and middle-income earners as well as the highly anticipated surplus a year earlier than initially expected.

All will be revealed when Treasurer Josh Frydenberg delivers his first Budget speech at 7.30 pm AEST.

By the looks of it, Frydenburg's also pretty excited:

Josh Frydenberg
Josh Frydenberg looking pretty chuffed with himself on Budget morning. Image: AAP.

It's his big, special day, you know?

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