"I'll Bloody Kill You': Nine-Year-Old Girls Scream In Car Park Rampage

Two nine-year-old girls have gone on a rampage in the car park of a shopping centre.

A video shows the pair jumping on the roof and the windscreen of a car at Westfield Helensvale on the Gold Coast, after they spat at and punched a security guard.

The video was captured by a shopper passing through the centre's car park on Tuesday.

The girls can be heard swearing at people walking past as they jumped on the car.

Girls in Car Park

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A shopper filmed the incident while it took place, according to the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“We didn’t see it start, we just saw these girls jumping on the roof and bonnet of the carer’s car. They were swearing and spitting at security and other people in the car park," the shopper said.

The pair can also be heard hurling abuse at a pregnant woman who passed them.

Girls In Car Park

"This is our car so get f **ked! Get f**ked, you ****," one of the girls said

A security guard attempted to intervene in the rampage, but one of the girls yelled at him, saying they believed the law can't touch them.

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When a man took one of the girl's scooters in an attempt to stop their destructive behaviour, one of them said:

If you take it I'll bloody kill you. Give me my f**ken scooter

Eventually, the police arrived to contain the two children. They were put in the back of the police car and returned to their foster parents' home.

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