Battle Of The Barra: Fisherman Loses Monster Catch To Hungry Croc

Two mates suffered the ultimate heartbreak -- and heart-racing scare -- when their catch of the day was snapped up by a croc in Darwin.

Dac and Daniel were fishing in a billabong in the Northern Territory, when they caught a huge barramundi. After an epic struggle, they realised something else was also interested in their catch.

Following close behind as Dac reeled in the fish was a four-metre saltwater crocodile, which chased the big barramundi out of the water.

Daniel fishing. Image: BCF Facebook

Dac, who was behind the camera, repeatedly yells "run back bro" as the croc emerges from the water in a huge surge of water.

In a gallant attempt to keep the fish, Daniel didn't let go of the rod, dragging the fish along the ground.

But the croc was just as determined, running fast and eventually getting its jaws on the fish -- but that wasn't going to stop the men from trying to save their fish.

"Keep the pressure on, keep the pressure," Dac tells Daniel.

The crocodile emerges from the water. Image: BCF Facebook

Eventually, the pair are forced to admit defeat to the monster beast -- but the true scale of their loss sinks in when they see the size of the barra.

"No! It's so big. It's so big and he's swallowing it whole," Daniel said sadly as they watch the saltie snap up the fish.

"The whole this has gone down his gob."

The crocodile swallows the barramundi. Image: BCF Facebook

Speaking to the ABC, Dac admitted the whole thing escalated "pretty quickly", but Daniel said he was more worried about himself than his mate.

"I wasn't looking at Daniel, I just sort of hoped he was running," he said.

After the initial excitement was over, the pair scampered up a tree for safety from the crocodile.

"We moved back, as it was sitting there digesting this fish, we made our way up a tree," Dac said.

"We weren't hanging around for any other sort of explosive action."

The pair said they were upset they weren't able to get a photo with fish, and would have released it back into the water if they weren't so rudely interrupted.

Better luck next time, guys.