Court Shown Heartbreaking Video From Scene Of William Tyrrell's Disappearance

The inquest into the disappearance and suspected murder of William Tyrrell has been shown a heartbreaking taped interview with his foster father at the scene.

The video shows his foster father, who cannot be identified, walking an investigator through the frantic moments after the disappearance, before telling him “he never wanders, he’s not a wanderer”.

“I was thinking so many things all at once... I need to cover as much ground as I possibly can,” he told the investigator.

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During his opening address, Gerard Craddock SC told the Coroner’s Court there is “no direct evidence” to suggest William is dead, but “I expect the evidence will suggest William was abducted”.

He also told the court “William didn’t disappear because he was in foster care” and said “there is no doubt each of the (birth) parents was in Sydney” at the time.

William Tyrrell. Photo: NSW POLICE

The inquest was also played a recording of the Triple-0 call William’s foster mother made just 20 minutes after he was last seen, in which she said his disappearance was “very out of character”.

She also describes him to the operator, saying “he’s wearing a Spiderman outfit. He’s got dark sandy-coloured hair... he’s got a freckle on top of his head”.

Despite alluding to further evidence suggesting William was abducted by someone, Craddock told the court any evidence against persons of interest would be tendered during the August hearings.

William’s foster mother took the stand this afternoon, taking the court through every detail of the hours leading up to his disappearance.

She spoke of two unidentified cars she spotted parked across the road from her mother’s house on the morning of his disappearance, which she did not recall until several days later.

She broke down when she spoke of the moment she remembered the potentially crucial detail, saying:

There were two cars... I’ve just remembered... and my heart just sank because I thought those two cars were there for both of them (William and his sister).

She also told the court of a third car she saw driving up Benaroon Drive as the two children were riding their bikes on the street. She said the male driver then drove past, turned around and they shared a fleeting look before he drove away.

“I can still see him... I can still see that car” she told the court.

“He was a big man...late 50s”, she said.

She told the court she had since identified that car and “had a very strong reaction” when she saw it again, but did not elaborate on the context of the identification.

The inquest heard testimony from a government staff member who was tasked with overseeing the foster care process for William and his sister.

The court heard William’s birth parents did not comply with initial orders to remove William and place him in foster care, forcing police to issue a warrant to recover him in 2012.

Despite the initial resistance, the court later heard staff reported the birth parents accepted “the children received a good standard of care with the foster parents”.

The court also heard the birth parents had not tried to seek any information about the foster parents before William’s disappearance.