Secret Recording Catches One Nation Staffer Seeking Millions From NRA

A new documentary says One Nation asked a powerful US gun lobby for millions of dollars in funding, in an effort to weaken Australian gun control.

One Nation has been accused of asking a powerful US gun lobby for $US20 million in funding to help it roll back gun control in Australia.

The party's Queensland leader Steve Dickson and chief of staff James Ashby made the request in a meeting with National Rifle Association of America officials and other pro-gun groups in the US, an undercover investigation by Al Jazeera claims.

The investigation, broadcast overnight on Monday, features a recording of the meeting in Washington, DC in September 2018, captured by an undercover journalist.

Footage of One Nation staffer James Ashby allegedly meeting with fake gun lobbyists. Photo: Al Jazeera.

Dickson reportedly told NRA officials that it would be like a "poison" for the world to look to Australia as a model for gun control.

"If we don't change things, people are going to be looking at Australia and go 'Well, it's OK for them to go down the path of not having guns, it's OK for them to go down that politically-correct path'," he is alleged to have said.

"And it's like a poison - it will poison us all unless we stop it."

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Ashby is also reportedly heard saying that $US20 million in donations to One Nation from US pro-gun lobbyists would give them parliamentary influence in Australia.

"If you had 20 [$US20 million], you would own the Lower House and the Upper House," the recording states.

Both One Nation and the NRA declined to respond to Al Jazeera about its investigation and documentary.

The meeting came not long before legislation cleared federal parliament in November banning foreign donations.

Al Jazeera's two-part documentary will be shown on the ABC on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.