Egg Boy Exclusive Interview: 'What I Did Was Not The Right Thing'

It was the crack heard around the world -- and now it's time to hear from the boy himself.

In an exclusive interview with The Project's Hamish Macdonald, William Connolly -- otherwise known as 'Egg Boy' -- will talk publicly for the first time since he egged Queensland senator Fraser Anning. 

UPDATE: For the full interview, click here.

The Melbourne teenager's protest came after a widely-condemned statement released by the former One Nation member blaming Muslim immigration for the Christchurch terror attack which killed 50 people.

Connolly was escorted out of the Melbourne event by police. Image: AAP

Now, just over a week later, Egg Boy has had some time to reflect on his actions.

"I understand what I did was not the right thing to do," Connolly told Macdonald.

"However, this egg has united people and, you know, money has been raised, tens of thousands of dollars have been raised for those victims."

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A GoFundMe to raise money for any legal fees Connolly may incur and to buy "more eggs" was set up shortly after the incident. The campaign has since raised close to $80,000, which the 17-year-old will donate to the victims of the terror attack.

"I've had one lady reach out to one of my friends in Christchurch and she said to me that throughout this period of darkness in her life was the one time since she smiled since the tragedy and that, I'm speechless," Connolly told Macdonald.

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A mural painted in Melbourne's Hosier Lane. Image: provided

Tributes to the 17-year-old have flown in since his attack on Anning, from prominent musicians offering him free tickets to their shows for life, murals painted on walls in both Melbourne and Sydney, and a shout-out on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight.

Most recently, Australian-born NBA star Ben Simmons took to the basketball court with 'Egg Boy' written on the side of his shoe.

Connolly was questioned by police and released without charge last week. His lawyer said he had received "no indication" Victoria Police would lay charges in the future.

You can catch Egg Boy's full interview with Hamish at 6:30pm tonight on The Project.