11 Things You Should Know About Michael Daley

There's a chance NSW Labor leader Michael Daley could be the next NSW Premier, if you don't know much about him you're not alone.

Although the latest polling put Labor and the LNP at neck-and-neck, a lot has happened March 19 and election day.  (See: uh, this whole debacle.)

But there's still a decent chance Daley could be the 46th Premier of NSW, and since he's still a relative unknown in this state, here's what you need to know about him.

Photo: AAP.

1.  He's only been leader for four months. To be exact, 133 days. Daley was elected NSW Labor leader last November, following the shock resignation of former leader Luke Foley.

2. He's a Scorpio. Daley was born on November 1, 1965, making him 53 years old. Is this relevant? Not in the least, unless you believe in star signs, in which case, prepare for some chaotic Scorpio energy.

3. He was born and bred in the then-working class suburb of Randwick, going to local Catholic schools before graduating in 1983.

4. His route to politics is a bit meandering. Although he joined the Labor party age 27, he didn't move into politics until he was 39. After high school, Daley spent 13 years working in Customs while studying law by night.

5. He met his wife Christina, a legal secretary, "over the photocopier" at his law firm, as he told the Sydney Morning Herald. After she moved back to Western Australia to be closer to her family, Daley flew back and forth once a month. Eventually, she moved back to Sydney and the couple married in late in 2005.

6. He has four children: two biological children with Christina, and two stepchildren from Christina's earlier marriage, whom he "counts as his own".

Photo: Facebook.

7.  "Labor machine" was good to him, noted the Australian Financial Review. When former NSW Premier Bob Carr resigned in 2005, Daley was chosen for the safe seat of Maroubra. It wasn't always an easy ride, however; in 2011, his comfortable 16.5 percent margin shrank to just 1.5, and Daley has struggled at times to shake off associations with corrupt former Labor minister Eddie Obied. Daley flat out denies any connection, which former premier Morris Iemma backs up.

8. He's been roads, police and finance minister. Under the Nathan Rees and Kristina Kenneally governments, Daley moved into more senior positions, holding first the roads portfolio and later becoming the police and finance minister. In opposition, he's held a number of shadow portfolios, including -- bizarrely -- the Western Sydney portfolio, which lasted 18 days.

9. Daley is a self-declared "fish man", according to a profile in the SMH. There's a five-foot tank in his office with 20-year-old fish, and apparently more at home. Weird flex but okay. (If that doesn't mean anything to you, pretend I said it was weird he had some really old fish, and even weirder he mentioned it to a reporter.)

10. Daley has promised to hold a drug summit, one which would explore the possibility of pill-testing. It came after he accepted a 10,000-strong petition calling for pill testing after the death of yet another young person at a pill festival.

Michael Daley teared up while accepting Adriana Buccianti's petition. Photo: 10 News First.

11. He's promised to sack controversial radio broadcaster Alan Jones from the SCG Trust board, which Jones has sat on for thirty years. Daley says the board has inflated the fire and safety risks at Allianz Stadium.

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