Newborn Baby Abandoned With Heartbreaking Note

Police are frantically trying to find the mother of a baby abandoned outside a Perth medical centre.

Staff at the Garden City Medical Centre in the southern Perth suburb of Booragoon alerted police shortly after they discovered the baby left in a box with a note at around 8am on Wednesday.

The child was less than 24 hours old and the note included the baby boy's name and a plea for someone to look after him. Staff at the medical centre believe the baby was alone for just 10 minutes before being discovered.

The baby was found in good health and was immediately taken to Perth Children's Hospital for observation.  Police are concerned about the health and safety of the child's parents.

Detective Sergeant Dixie Johnson told media on Wednesday that police are urging the mother of the child to come forward. They want to determine if the child was born in a hospital.

Abandoned Baby
The newborn baby was found abandoned outside a Perth Medical Centre.
Image: 10 News First

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"That's why we do want to speak to the mother because we've got concerns about the environment the baby was born in, and we really just need her to come forward to make sure she gets her medical attention and her welfare concerns are looked after," Johnson said.

Police will also analyse birth records from the last 24 hours as part of their investigation.

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Police said they want to baby's mother to know she has support and services to access if she needs help.

Police continue to search for the child's parents.

If you need help in a crisis, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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