Cyclone Sandwich: State Of Emergency Declared In The NT

Not one, but two massive tropical cyclones are battering Australian coasts, at the same time. 

A state of emergency has been declared in the Northern Territory as Tropical Cyclone Trevor hurtles towards the coast. Trevor is expected to rapidly strengthen from a category one storm to category four as it draws closer to land.

Meanwhile category-four Tropical Cyclone Veronica is racing towards the West Australian coast.

Cyclones Veronica And Trevor
Cyclones Trevor and Veronica. Image: Bureau of Meteorology.

It first made landfall on Tuesday, thundering through parts of Far North Queensland, uprooting trees and dumping 300 mm of rain.

Winds were travelling at more than 133 km/h. Schools and businesses were closed as people weathered the storm's destruction.

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Entire communities in the Lockhart River, Coen and Aurukun areas were without power. Poles, fences and trees were knocked to the ground but thankfully, no one was reported injured or dead.

Cyclone Trevor
Trevor uprooted trees in far-north Queensland. Image: Bureau of Meteorology, Queensland.

Trevor has since passed to the Gulf of Carpentaria and is sitting near Weipa as a category one storm.

It's expected to rapidly increase to a category four cyclone as it heads towards the Northern Territory. Destructive winds are expected to reach 260 km/h and huge storm tides are predicted.

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Cyclone Trevor
Cyclone Trevor is currently heading towards the Northern Territory. Image: Bureau of Meteorology.

By the time the cyclone makes landfall on Saturday, the eye of the storm is expected to be a whopping 30-kilometers wide. Marine wind and flood warnings are also in place for Far North Queensland and east Northern Territory.


Veronica intensified from a category one to four on Wednesday evening. The severe tropical cyclone is hurtling towards Western Australia's Pilbara coast. The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has warned the storm could have a serious impact along the coast over the weekend.

Cyclone Veronica
Predicted movements of severe Tropical Cyclone Veronica.  Image: Bureau of Meteorology, Western Australia.

The BoM has also warned winds will be 40 percent stronger than average and waves will be double the normal size. Veronica is currently moving at seven kilometers an hour in a west-southwest direction.

By Friday, the storm is expected to further intensify to a category five and move south towards the WA coast.

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Cyclone Veronica
Cyclone Veronica is expected to intensify as it moved towards the Western Australian coast. Image: Bureau of Meteorology.

Residents in coastal areas are warned to expect destructive winds and major flooding. Very dangerous storm tides and damaging waves are also expected to batter coast-side communities.


Category four cyclones often cause significant structural damage to homes including roofing loss. Caravans are often destroyed and blown off their foundations. Wind gusts between 225 km/h and 279 km/h are typical of this storm level and widespread power outages usually occur.

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