Giant Inflatable Cucumber Destroyed On Sydney Harbour In Tragic Accident

A 40-metre cucumber goes for a ride on the harbour -- stop me if you've heard this one.

A promotional event for Hendrick's Gin will have to go ahead without the star of the show, after a giant inflatable cucumber -- which was supposed to tour around Sydney Harbour -- burst in transit.

Footage filmed from an office in Barangaroo captured the moment the vegetable went cuc-under, after falling off its barge and ripping in half.

The cucumber, pre-pop. Photo: Supplied

The giant green spectacle was 40 metres long, eight metres wide and eight metres high, according to Hendrick's Gin, and was set to be a part of a three-day long event for the product.

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“We are deeply concerned about the whereabouts of our cucumber," the company said in a statement after the incident.

"For any information that leads to the discovery of our beloved Cuke, we’re offering a reward: a lifetime of Hendrick’s Gin (to be enjoyed responsibly of course) along with a lifetime supply of cucumbers."

It was meant to be like this. Photo: Getty

Well, pour us a glass because we think we've found it.