Residents Warned As Cyclone Trevor Is Upgraded To Category Three As It Thunders Towards Coast

Cyclone Trevor has been upgraded to a Category Three system and is expected to make landfall on Tuesday afternoon.

The severe tropical cyclone is currently 140 km/h east of the Lockhart River in far north Queensland with wind gusts at a whopping 165 km/h. The weather system is expected to continue to move southwest and will slowly track towards the Gulf of Carpentaria by the middle of the week.

"It looks like it will make landfall this afternoon or in the early evening probably south of the Lockhart River," 10's Weather Expert Josh Holt told 10 daily.

"It will then move across the peninsula in a western direction before moving to the Gulf of Carpentaria where it could re-intensify."

Trevor is currently moving at seven kilometres an hour.

Category Three cyclones often cause structural and roof damage to homes and can also ruin street signs and uproot trees. Caravans are also in danger of being dislodged from their mountings. Cyclones of this severity also have "very destructive" winds.

Warnings are in place for Orford Ness to Cape Flattery, extending across Cape York Peninsula to Pormpuraaw to Mapoon, including Weipa, Lockhart River, and Coen.

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Residents in the affected areas have been told to prepare for gale-force and destructive winds. Abnormally high tides are also expected as the cyclone moves closer and closer to the coast.

Cyclone Trevor
Cyclone Trevor approaches the Queensland coast. Image: Bureau of Meteorology

Storm tides are predicted between Orford Ness and Cape Flattery. High tides could also cause minor flooding along the foreshore in these areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology has advised residents should immediately commence and or continue their preparations in securing their homes against the harsh weather conditions.

Cyclone Trevor

The heavy winds and rain are not expected to hit the Townsville area which is still recovering from heavy flooding that hit the region in February.

"At this stage, it looks like it's staying far north so it won’t affect the flood-affected Townsville areas. We are expecting rainfall to slip further south down the coast where there will be moderate to heavy rainfall, possibly around Cairns," Holt said.

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As Cyclone Trevor draws closer to the Queensland coast, another low-pressure system is forming off the Western Australia north coast.

"On top all of this we are watching a tropical low just north of the Kimberley in northern Western Australia," Holt said.

"This system is travelling in west-south-west direction over the next few days and is likely to develop into a tropical cyclone and if this is the case it will be called Cyclone Veronica."

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