Koality Ride: Man Gets Surprise Passenger After Leaving Car Door Open

A South Australian man has returned to his car to find a hitch hiking koala deadset on catching a ride.

Tim Whitrow left his car door open and the aircon running when he went to check out a vineyard at Blewitt Springs, McLaren Vale on Monday.

When he returned, he found a koala -- lovingly named 'Caramello' -- hanging out on his back seat.

In a video posted to social media, Caramello looks as comfortable as can be, eyeing off the vineyard worker's dog while trying to stake his claim to the backseat.

Whitrow gave the little guy some water, a quick pat and tried to coax him out of the vehicle.

Several minutes and a clawed up dashboard later, the stubborn Koala finally took off back into the wild and clambered up a tree.

The footage has since gone viral, notching up close to 150,000 views and 3,000 likes within 17 hours.

'Caramello' eyeing off the Vineyar worker's dog. IMAGE: Tim Whitrow via Facebook

"Amazing! What a wonderful experience your dog was so chilled. The koala perhaps just needed a lift", one user said.

"This is a true blue Aussie problem", said another

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"How many times has that ever happened to you?" Whitrow asked Facebook viewers.

To be honest, no. Not once.