'Egg Boy' Speaks Out After Fraser Anning Incident: 'No Regrets'

The teenage boy being hailed a hero for egging Senator Fraser Anning has spoken out after the incident, saying he has "no regrets".

Will Connolly, 17, approached Anning during a rally in Melbourne on Saturday, cracking an egg on the back of his head.

Footage shows Anning turn around and punch Connolly on the head twice, before Anning's supporters violently tackle Connolly to the ground and hold him.

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Connolly was arrested but released without charge.

Fraser Anning Egged At Meeting With Supporters

He thanked everyone for their love and support on social media, offering a word of advice for future would-be eggers:

"Don't egg politicians, you'll get tackled by 30 bogans at the same time, I learnt the hard way, f**k," he said.

"No regrets."

Connolly's video showed his bruised face. Photo: Twitter.

Connolly posted another message on Snapchat, simply stating: "We stand with New Zealand. We condemn hate."

Photo: Snapchat.

Victoria Police is continuing to investigate the incident "in its entirety", it said in a statement, including the actions of Anning and "others".

Two of the men in attendance were far right individuals Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson, 10 News First can confirm.

Both men were founding members of the nationalist United Patriots Front, while Erikson has been convicted for inciting serious contempt of Muslims.

There are also reports that Andrew Nolch, the man who defaced the memorial of murdered woman Eurydice Dixon, was in attendance.

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Connolly's actions  -- which came after Anning released a statement blaming Muslim immigration for the Christchurch terror attack -- have been praised around the world.

A GoFundMe to raise money for any legal fees and "more eggs" has secured more than $15,000, while overnight more than 200,000 people have followed Connolly on Instagram. Iconic Aussie act Hilltop Hoods offered him free gig tickets.

It should be noted the above tweet does not come from Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, but a different man frequently mistaken for Dutton on Twitter.

Connolly's actions came after Anning released a "disgusting" statement on the Christchurch terror attack, blaming Muslim immigration for the mosque shootings in which 50 people lost their lives.

His statement was condemned by Australian politicians across the aisle, as well as by leaders worldwide.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his "views have no place in Australia, let alone the Australian Parliament", while Dutton said he had asked Anning not to make any further statement.

So far, Anning appears to have heeded those requests, but is expected to appear at a gun rally in Brisbane on Sunday.

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