A Poll Just Ranked Sydney The 10th Worst City In The World

Time Out magazine has ranked Sydney the 10th worst city in the world, while arch-rival Melbourne came out second best.

The annual index report of 48 cities around the world had Sydney so far down the list of great places to live that you actually have to stop and take a break from scrolling before you find it.

If being ranked by nearly 34,000 people at a shocking no. 39 is humiliating, there's one thing that makes it arguably even more shameful -- it's not visitors and tourists that are ranking Sydney that low, it's Sydneysiders themselves.

According to the survey Sydneysiders are more likely to go for a run than go out to a club. (Getty Images)

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What's happened to Sydney's spirit?

Sure we have constant public transport headaches, we can't go out after 1 am and it's hard to decide what's more expensive -- food or rent, but #39 is a shocker.

According to global media and entertainment company Time Out, which runs the anonymous annual survey asking locals and local experts questions about the city's food, drink, culture, nightlife, and overall happiness, Sydney's bad ranking possibly boils down to one thing.

And no bonus points for guessing what it is.

It's now been five years since lock-out laws were first introduced in the city and, despite some of the strict rules being eased for certain days and events, Sydneysiders are still not over it.

According to Time Out, Sydney was ranked the worst in the world for nightlife, with Sydneysiders left feeling "bereft of after-dark culture".

But before everyone packs their bags and moves to Melbourne, where one-in-four locals went to a concert in the last week, and you're more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse (no, seriously), it's not ALL bad news for Sydney.

In fact 79 percent of Sydneysiders said they feel happy overall.

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And what's more, Sydney has also been ranked the fittest city in the world, with 71 percent of locals hitting the "gym, beach or pavements" every week.

For the record New York ranked as the #1 best city to live according to the index, followed by Melbourne, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Montreal and Berlin.

Melbourne gets bragging rights again. Image: Getty Images

The Turkish city of Istanbul picked up the wooden spoon.

And while Sydneysiders and Melburnians might still be arguing over who has the best avo on toast, it's actually Bangkok that ranked the best city for street food, and Hong Kong locals dine out more than anyone else in the world.

And no, we didn't forget the other major Aussie cities -- we checked, they simply were not ranked.