Mates Try To Scatter Friend's Ashes At Concert -- Get It Very Wrong

It was meant to be a solemn occasion paying tribute to a friend, but it left a festival-goer laughing as two men got the details of the planned scattering of their friend's ashes incredibly wrong.

Two blokes had planned to farewell their metal-head friend by scattering his ashes at Download Festival in Melbourne last weekend, during the performance of iconic heavy band Slayer.

The American metal band was booked to headline the day-long music event at Flemington Racecourse, and with the plan organised and hearts in the right place, the two mates set off for the festival to say a final goodbye to their friend.

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But while Slayer was meant to play late at night, the friends arrived at the stage at 1.05pm. UK punk band Slaves was the act entertaining the crowd at that time.

It seems the pair got the time and the stage of Slayer's performance wrong -- but the friends carried on their plan nonetheless.

Download Festival
Download Festival in Melbourne. Image: Getty Images

As one of the men removed a plastic bag with their mate's ashes in it, a bystander asked them what was going on.

"One of them had a large plastic clip seal of what looked like grey cocaine in his pocket. I quizzed him more," Twitter user Plugga73 wrote on the platform.

Plugga73 said the pair, who were intoxicated, told him about their plan to farewell a recently deceased friend.

"I attempted to tell my new, very inebriated friends that this stage was set for a UK punk band, Slaves, not the metal gods that were headlining some 8 hours later."

But, clearly in the middle of an emotional farewell to their fallen friend, the pair continued their solemn tribute and released the ashes into the wind.

The wind carried the friend's remains directly into the face of a nearby security guard. The man coughed after inhaling some of the ashes.

"After telling security what had just happened, well, the look on his face made my day," Plugga73 wrote.

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