QLD Rolls Out Emoji Number Plates Because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Queensland Government has recently rolled out the world's first program allowing people to add an emoji to their license plates.

For some people, the plate on the front of their vehicles has become more than a random sequence of numbers and letters.

It's a way of "maxing” their chances of being noticed by adding a personal touch to a normally impersonal piece of metal.

"It's something that I wanted so that when I am driving around town, everyone knows who I am,” said a young man.

"It’s a way of the future and a lot of young ones love that sort of thing,” said the man.

Customised Plates take a turn for Queenslander's Image: China Global Television Network

There are five choices in personalised plates: smiley face, heart eyes, sunglasses face, laugh-out-loud and winking face.

"I do wonder if there are any inappropriate options,” said a young woman.

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The department stresses that it won’t be used for identification. It is rather a way, to quote, of “brightening up the roads.”

"It does sound like a lot of fun,” said an elderly woman.

Whether an emoji helps defuse a tense experience for some remains to be seen.

"No I don’t think it works, probably, making it a bit worse, probably make fun of you,” said the young woman.

Not everyone thought that putting a big round face on the front of his or her car was a good idea, because it comes at a cost, starting at about 475 Australian dollars.

"You are kidding, wow, what a waste of money,” said a couple.

Supporters say you’re “never too old” to add a bit of flair as a way of “thrivin” in traffic. Others don’t simply see the benefit.

"We smile a lot. Anyway, we’ve just been married for 40 years,” said the couple.