Desperate Search For Dog's Body Stolen From Vet Freezer

The body of a beloved family dog who was put down on Monday is believed to have been stolen from the freezer of a local Queensland vet.

Denise and Garry Gabites said goodbye to their much-loved dog Abby after 16 years earlier this week when she was put down on Monday.

But now the family faces even more heartbreak after thieves are believed to have broken into the Greencross Vets at Beenleigh in Logan overnight and stolen the freezer holding Abby's body.

It's understood the body was being stored in the freezer in a body bag as it awaited cremation on Tuesday morning.

Denise and Garry told 10 News First that they believe Abby may have been dumped on the side of he road in a grey bag with a white and yellow tag.

They said they have been left devastated and described Abby as their "angel dog" and that she was perfect.

On Sunday Garry uploaded a photo to social media with a tribute to the beloved pup: "Goodbye my little angel thanks for the 16 years of loyalty and love. You will be deeply missed by many".

The family are now desperately asking the community for help to return Abby's body so they can give her a proper farewell.

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