'We Just Got Lost': Victorian Hikers Share How They Survived Four Days In The Bush

A married couple who got lost while hiking in Victoria's alpine region have shared how they spent four nights in the bush. 

Trevor Salvado, 60, and Jacinta Bohan, 58, flagged down a bus full of kayakers near Buffalo River Road on Tuesday morning, police confirmed.

They were found safe and well, and have been checked at Wangaratta Hospital following the ordeal.

"We basically got lost, we stayed in one spot for four nights," Bohan told reporters on Tuesday afternoon.

"And then this morning, we were out."

The pair of experienced hikers were last seen by friends at a Cherry Lane caravan park in Bright on Friday, March 8.

They were expected to return from a bushwalk at Reservoir Track on Mount Buffalo later that same day, but never arrived.

Salvado said the pair set off down a track that disappeared about two hours into the walk.

“We think we followed an animal track ... we just got to the wrong spot,” he said.

The couple stayed near a trickle of water for the next four nights, surviving off a rationed packed lunch and muesli bars.

Fears were held for the couple, with a search party consisting of police and volunteers combing the area since Sunday.

The couple said they spent their time exploring the area, canvassing their route out.

"We could hear the choppers. We were in a safe spot. I really believed we would be found," Bohan said.

"But we had to think about our mindset. We thought (on Tuesday) we had the energy to do it."

Photo: AAP.

"They're very healthy, they're used to being out for hours walking and they spend a lot of time outside," the couple's daughter Maria Bohan said earlier this week.

Salvado joked their time in the bush had been "serene", but was happy to be reunited with their three children.

"We were sensible. We kept calm, rational. That's what held us out," he said.

For now, Bohan said she is looking forward to a shower -- and returning to the outdoors.

"Hopefully we won't be doing that again," she said.

"That was one of those random moments!"

Police thanked all emergency management partners, members of the public and the media for their ongoing support during the search.

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