Controversial Slogan Could Be Banned From Family-Friendly Tourist Spot

The unofficial tourism slogan for the Northern Territory, 'CU in the NT', first made headlines in 2016 with its cheeky tagline "The Top End. Different From The Bottom End".

But debate over the controversial marketing campaign has reignited, with a Darwin Council Alderman set to introduce a motion to ban the sale of items with the slogan on council land.

Greens Alderman for the Chan Ward in Darwin, Robin Knox, said she decided to introduce the motion after receiving multiple complaints about the slogan at the popular Nightcliff Markets.

Knox told 10 daily she received complaints that a stall selling the items was set up next to a children's playground.

She described the markets as being "very family oriented".

"Such merchandise isn't acceptable in this place that families like to enjoy," Knox said.

I find the slogan quite degrading to women. These are negative words that are used as a put down and in common usage the word is not a joke.

Knox said that while she wanted the items removed from the markets because they were held on council land, she didn't want to attack the company, 'NT Unofficial'.

But 'NT Unofficial' has responded to the calls to have their items banned,  defending its campaign as having received "an overwhelmingly positive response".

Source: Facebook

"There’s nothing insulting or degrading to women about a simple invitation to the greatest Territory on earth, we hope to CU there one day," the company said in a statement on social media.

"We just hope that council doesn’t forget the real NT Unofficial has been tirelessly campaigning to promote the Territory to the world, reaching millions of people a month through our online campaigns."

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NT Unofficial also said they were aware knock-off merchandise was being sold and urged council to remove copy-cat brands who operated in markets.

Knox said she was not aware of any copy-cat brands but said she hoped if they existed that they weren't being sold at family friendly venues.

She set to put forward the motion on Tuesday night.

Featured Image: Facebook (CU in the NT)