Crowdfunding Campaign To Save Hero Dog Hit By Car

A farm dog made famous by a movie about his life protecting penguins is now fighting for his life in a Melbourne vet clinic.

Chucky was struck by a car in a hit and run last Tuesday.

His owner, Xavier Prime, found him lying beside the road with horrific injuries.

“Obviously couldn’t move.. but he smiled at us,” Xavier told 10 News First.

The Maremma was rushed to the local vet where his situation worsened. Xavier broke down when recalling the options that were discussed.

Photo: 10 News First

“There were some things on the table that were starting to become a factor," he said.

Instead, Chucky was rushed to a 24-hour vet clinic in Melbourne for special care. He was diagnosed with multiple pelvis fractures, and other bad bruising.

“He is definitely improving slowly but we just have to get a handle on his pain and help him learn to walk,” said Chucky’s vet, Dr Sarah Alexander.

“At the moment we are in a wait and see phase, where we’ve just got to give him a bit of love and a lot of pain relief and some time to heal.”

Photo: supplied

Chucky was a member of the Middle Island Penguin Protection Program, made famous in the movie 'Oddball' starring Shane Jacobson.

Xavier adopted him a year ago to help protect the 1600 chickens on his egg farm in south west Victoria.

He lives there with three other Maremmas, one of which he’s inseparable from. They spend their days lazing around among the chooks, and warding off foxes.

“If Chucky sees a fox or a predator or he picks up a whiff of something no road will stop Chucky, no fence will stop Chucky. He goes,” Xavier said.

Photo: 10 News First

But Chucky is so much more than a working dog.

“He’s just everything,” Xavier said

“We don’t come to the city much, but we’ve been every day for the last few days to see Chucky.”

But the vet bills are mounting. One day at the clinic costs Xavier and his partner Kimberley $1000, so the young couple has reached out for help via a GoFundMe crowdfunding page.

“Farmers in Australia at the moment are definitely feeling the pinch, it would be fair to say,” Xavier said.

“We are no different and to get Chucky the treatment he needs, it’s expensive."

“The donations, big and small, have just helped so much and really, we are feeling the love.”

Chucky in hospital. Photo: supplied

Chucky has endeared himself to the clinic’s staff with his beautiful nature -- but they know one day they will have to say goodbye and send him home.

Because Chucky is not just a farm hero. He’s family.

To help, see Chucky's GoFundMe page. As of time of publication, the page has raised more than $17,000 for Chucky's recovery.