Moomba Festival Marred By Brawling Youths

Brawling youths have marred the Moomba Festival yet again, with five people arrested overnight.

Police had to intervene in three brawls at Federation Square and Flinders Street Station between 10pm on Saturday night and 2am on Sunday.

Capsicum spray was used twice to break up the fights, which they believe were linked.

Three people were arrested for assault and two people for drunken behaviour.

A further two penalty notices were also issued, one for riotous behaviour and one for weapons offences.

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There has been an increased police presence around the Moomba Festival following the 2016 "Moomba riots" linked to the Apex gang.

During the riots, 150 youths stole phones, taunted police and terrorised the public.

More than 30 teens were arrested over those riots and police have had a strong presence at the Festival since then.