WATCH: Kangaroo Punches On With Paraglider As He Tries To Land

You think you're going to land here? On MY cement circle?! Never.

Just in case he'd forgotten which country he was gliding over, a Canberra paraglider got quite the welcome back to Earth by a not-too-happy kangaroo.

Jonathan Bishop was touching down in Namadgi National Park's Orroral Valley just outside of Canberra, minding his own business, when Skippy made a beeline for him.

A member of the Australian Airforce, Bishop said this is the first time he's encountered anything untoward while trying to land on the tracking station.

"I thought it was just being friendly to begin with," he told 10 daily.

I said 'what's up Skip?' as you do when you see a kangaroo, and actually it wasn't so friendly.

Footage captured on a go-pro Bishop wears on his helmet, shows the animal deliver a swift one-two punch, before turning and fleeing.

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Though not visible in the video, the 35-year-old kept Skip at a distance using his leg.

"I was frightened when it started attacking me. I didn't know if it would keep going or if it would just give me one swipe and leave me alone.

My immediate reaction was oh jeez this could take a while."

Thankfully, it was a one swipe situation, leaving Bishop with a scratch on his arm.

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