A Year Of Total Boss Moments From Australian Women

International Women's Day is a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of women around the world.

The earliest known Women's Day was held in 1909 in New York, organised by the Socialist Party of America.

A year later it was made an annual world event by the International Socialist Woman's Conference, and the day has continued to grow.

Closer to home, Australian women have been working tirelessly to bring about change in society -- and at the same time, dominating their chosen fields.

We've had women reach the peak of the sporting arena; women who are changing the world with science; women who have delivered powerful and important political messages; and women who light up our TV screens on a daily basis.

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The Project's Lisa Wilkinson voiced the pleas of women around the country when she delivered a powerful message live on television following the death of Eurydice Dixon.

Image: The Project

Hannah Gadsby became the toast of the entertainment world after her critically-acclaimed, and hugely emotional, stand-up show 'Nanette' went global.

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Julia Banks sounded the alarm on bullying claims in the Liberal Party, and Sarah Hanson-Young called out "slut-shaming" in the parliament -- while 10's own Angela Bishop held David Leyonhjelm to account for some nasty things he said about the Greens senator.

Jessica Fox became the greatest paddler of all time, winning the C1 and K1 categories at the Canoe Slalom World Cup last year to add to her already impressive list of titles and Olympic medals.

Jessica Fox of Australia competes during the C1-Women's Semifinals as part of 2018 ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships. Image: AAP

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In the realm of science, Macinley Butson created SMART Armour for women undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

These are just a few of the powerful Aussie women who defined 2018.

Check out our video above for more of Australia's most important women.