Up, Up And Hooray! Qantas Increases The Weight Limit For Carry-On Bags

Good news jet-setters: the weight limit for carry-on baggage will double on all Qantas domestic flights.

The current seven-kilogram weight restriction has irritated passengers for years, and now -- after a number of complaints and a carry-on baggage weighing trial -- the airline has responded.

From March 25, the Qantas will allow all domestic travellers to carry one bag weighing 10 kilos, as well as a second personal bag, such as a handbag, weighing no more than four kilos.

While you'll be able to take 14 kilos on board, the physical size of the bags will remain the same.

Feedback from a trial over the summer found 90 percent of customers travelled with 10kg or less of cabin baggage.

Qantas will double its carry-on luggage weight allowance on domestic flights from the end of March. (Image: Getty Images)

“Most customers on short business trips and weekends away only travel with one carry-on bag plus a small personal­ item,” Qantas Domestic chief executive officer Andrew David told The Australian.

“Focusing on the amount of baggage customers are bringing on board helps flights to depart on time.”

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Qantas employees will continue to monitor all baggage during check in to ensure all carry-on items meet the limit.

It's not clear if Virgin Australia, Jetstar or TigerAir will follow suit.