Fourteen Years Later And We're Still Talking About Sandra Sully's Breasts

Sandra Sully is an accomplished journalist who has covered some of the most harrowing news events of the last two decades -- but let's talk about her chest.

Shall we take a step back in time?

In 2005 all hell broke loose when a new Channel 10 set meant that you could see Sandra's legs and a top she wore was deemed 'inappropriate' by some viewers. Coverage by media outlets at the time referred to Sandra's 'ample bosom'.  Here's a snippet.

"As we reported yesterday, some viewers were slightly put out by the low-cut blouse Sully wore on Channel Ten's Monday night late edition of the news, revealing an ample bosom for Ten's "more relaxed" news format" an SMH story from the time read. 

The story was entirely focused on the viewers being put out by her wearing a low-cut top on the news and 'her silky-smooth looking, nicely tanned pins, elegantly crossed'.

She was labelled 'Saucy Sully'.

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An entire forum on Vogue, a female-centric title,  was created by viewers to discuss  Sandra's 'tits'.

Classy, right?

Now let's fast forward fourteen years, another 10 News set reveal. Sandra wore a red dress with a front cut-out. She read the news, she informed people of what was going on in the world, as she has done since the 90s.

Then this tweet came in.

“I’m sorry [Sandra Sully] I’m all for liberation and women feeling good about themselves etc etc etc but really???? Maybe save this inappropriate newsreading dress for the red carpet.”

This tweet, which has since been deleted was by a fellow female journalist, who has also deactivated her account after online backlash.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I take my position seriously and try to dress appropriately at all times, I respect that I am in people's homes when I am reading the news, but that is not the focus of my being, nor am I perfect," Sandra told 10 daily.

"You're never going to be as hard on me as I am on myself. So I was not offended by it, I was just frustrated #hearmeroar."

Sadly Sandra's 'cleavage' has been called out multiple times throughout the years since 2005. A quick search shows you just how interested men and women are in Sandra's choice of outfit throughout the years.

Despite all the online noise throughout her career focused on her clothing, and despite her being publicly called out on her choice of outfit this time, she said people shouldn't be shouted down for their opinion --  but welcomes a little less judgement at times.

'I ask you and I stand by my statement 15 years ago, why are we still talking about this?"

Why indeed.