'Australia's Angriest Summer': Over 200 Extreme Weather Records Broken

More than 200 extreme weather records have been broken this summer in what a new report says is the hottest one in Australian recorded history.

The Climate Council report will be released on Thursday morning highlighting the extremes Australians have dealt with over the past three months.

"Now, hot on the heels of Australia's 'angriest summer', we have autumn fires burning across parts of Victoria," former NSW Fire and Rescue commissioner Greg Mullins said.

"Climate change has lengthened bushfire seasons."

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More than 200 records have been broken over the summer. Image: Getty Images

"In Victoria, the fire season started early. This has put a great deal of pressure on fire fighters; we simply don't have the resources for this new reality."

The report says 206 weather records were broken in just 90 days around Australia.

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"This summer was so hot we witnessed fruit cooking on trees," Climate Council chief executive Amanda McKenzie said.

The report says the record-breaking summer was driven by greenhouse gas pollution from the burning of fossil fuels and land clearing.