Is This Australia's Most Confusing Road Rule Yet?

Drivers have been left baffled by one of the most bizarre merging rules.

WA's Department of Transport has sparked a heated debate after posting a road-rule scenario to their Facebook page, asking Perth drivers which car has the right of way.

In the image, there are two cars, one in the far right, another in the far left -- the middle lane is empty.

"You know the road rules – now is your chance to prove it, the transport department said.

"Both cars have indicated to merge into the middle lane, which car should go first?"

Many drivers were either left stumped, or simply answered incorrectly.

"Give way to your right" was the most common response. 

Some asked why the blue car was in the right lane to start with when it should "be sitting in the left unless overtaking", others suggested the blue car had right of way because it was "in the overtaking lane" -- very few answered with the correct response

According to Transport WA, the car in front has right of way but because neither car is in front, "The drivers will need to wait until it becomes clear that it is safe for one of them to move into the middle lane".

IMAGE: Facebook via Transport WA

It's not just West Aussie motorists who were stumped, the Queensland Department of Roads posted the same scenario on social media earlier this week.

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Not surprisingly, they got very similar responses from the public.

Good luck out there, drivers.