'Nothing Will Bring That Child Back': Victims Speak After Deadly Sydney Crash

As the driver accused of a fatal multi-vehicle accident in Sydney's west sits behind bars, 10 News First spoke exclusively to one of the many families injured in the crash.

Chris and Henga Keating were in their Corolla next to the family of four who received the full impact when an out-of-control car smashed into them.

"We had no warning, nothing," Chris said of the massive Baulkham Hills smash that took out half a dozen cars.

The grandfather had hit his head on the window when the driver's side was crushed into him.

He was knocked out for several minutes and when he came to all he could hear was a father's distraught screams.

"Pretty horrific screaming yeah...just asking everyone for help," he recalled.

Image: 10 News First

His 12-year-old son was killed on impact while his wife and five-year-old daughter were critically injured.

"I feel so sad for the dad cause nothing we say or do is going to bring that child back."

Today, as that same father desperately split his time between Westmead Hospital and the Children's Hospital, the conditions of his loved ones were upgraded to stable.

While the Keatings escaped with a few lacerations, they told 10 News First it is the emotional pain that hurts the most.

"All we do is cry,  we cry for the life of the poor child," Henga said.

Image: 10 News First

Police arrested John Pagakis and charged him with a raft of dangerous driving offences, including speeding 45 kilometres over the speed limit and fleeing the scene.

He briefly appeared before Parramatta Local Court today but did not apply for bail.

His defence lawyer Peter Proctor told reporters Pagakis is having "great difficulty" in custody.

"He's very remorseful. It's a tragic case and one where ultimately justice will be done," he said.

The 34-year-old will be back in court in May.