'Evil F**king Jew': Antisemitic Abuse At 'Unprecedented' Levels Online

A prominent Jewish Australian has been bombarded with antisemitic harassment in "unprecedented levels", following a campaign against conspiracy theorist David Icke.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, of the Anti-Defamation Commission, told 10 daily he has recently been inundated with threatening and vile emails, phone calls and social media messages.

The abuse, of a frequency and with a level of vitriol unlike anything he's seem before, has heightened since he prominently opposed the planned visit of Icke -- described by some as a holocaust denier.

"Just another stupid greedy Jewish c**t that is too scared to face reality. You evil f**king bastards are caus[ing] sh*t wherever you go," read one message received by Abramovich.

"Hitler was right about the Jews ... the last man to take on the parasite so-called Jewish bankers," read another.

"The worldwide parasite strikes again," said a third.

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"This barrage of harassment, threats and insults is chilling and unlike anything I have seen in recent times," Abramovich told 10 daily.

"While we accept that this deluge of abuse is the price we pay for combating antisemitism, the brutal vitriol and the ferocity of the invective directed at me and the ADC staff is still shocking."

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Abramovich said these messages are further evidence of a "dramatic surge" in antisemitism in Australia.

A report from late 2018 identified an increase in overtly neo-Nazi activity, with a sharp increase in the number of antisemitic threats around the country.

One neo-Nazi group, the Antipodean Resistance, was responsible for more than one-third of the 360 attacks and threats logged in that year.

Dvir Abramovich. Photo: Facebook.

Last month, more than 20 swastikas were painted about Sydney's Bondi area -- an area with a high population of Jewish people -- and in January, Nazi salutes were seen at an alt-right rally in St Kilda.

But despite the upturn, Abramovich says the threats following his Icke campaign are like nothing he's seen before.

Abramovich is referring the harassment to police.

It comes after he led a campaign to have conspiracy theorist Icke barred from entering Australia for a planned speaking tour last month.

David Icke was due to tour Australia, but his visa was cancelled at the eleventh hour. Photo: Studio 10.

Icke -- a former BBC presenter turned conspiracy theorist, who has previously shared theories that an alien race of lizard people have infiltrated humanity -- has a long documented history of antisemitism, which he strenuously denies.

"People lie about me to try and get me silenced, but that means all the information I have doesn't get out," Icke told 10 daily earlier this year.

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His visa was revoked by Immigration Minister David Coleman mere hours before he was due to board a plane to Sydney in February.

Federal Liberal party candidate Kate Ashmor, who internally lobbied Coleman to revoke Icke's visa, also received a number of threatening and abusive messages.

"You are a piece of sh*t," one person wrote on her page.

"Please kill yourself immediately."

Photo: Facebook.

Ashmor, whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, shared some of the abuse she received on Facebook.

"I will continue to call out antisemitism, strongly advocate for Zionism and Israel's right to exist, and fight for my beloved Jewish community -- without fear or favour -- as I have done my entire adult life," she said.

Ashmor told 10 daily Icke's visa cancellation was confirmation of "the Morrison government's steadfast support for the Jewish community".

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