Man Wakes Up Stuck In A Hole After A Night Out Drinking In Brisbane

A Brisbane man has woken up stuck in a hole, after a night out drinking in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley Entertainment Precinct.

The 41-year-old reveller woke up in a spot of bother, wedged between two buildings on a construction site in the Precinct on Thursday morning.

The man was found by workers at the construction site, fast asleep down the five metre-deep trench, Queensland Ambulance Service Clinical Support Officer Metro South Tom Kelsey.

Image: 10 News First

Queensland Ambulance were alerted to the situation at about 10.30am.

"They were very taken aback by him being there and I think the patient was as well," Kelsey said.

"We still don't know how he actually got down there."

It is believed he took a tumble and became stuck in the one-metre wide crevice, after a night out drinking.

Image: 10 News First

"The patient's last recollection was last night in Fortitude Valley, then waking up in this," said Kelsey.

"He admits to being intoxicated last night. Hence the no-recollection."

At about 11.30am Queensland Ambulance said a paramedic had abseiled down to the patient to assess his injuries.

Once given the all clear by paramedics, rescuers rigged up a pulley system to bring the man to safety in a harness.

"Once we had put a firefighter and an ambulance officer in the location with him, we set up a vertical rescue system, in we extricated him back to safety," said Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Officer Marc O'Brien.

"He was in reasonably good spirits, considering we believe he'd spent some time (down there)."

Image: 10 News First

While the man wasn't seriously injured, he was very concerned about what his wife was going to say.