Mother And Son Mauled By A Pack Of Dingos At Popular Beach

A 10-year-old boy and his 24-year-old mother have been rushed to hospital after being attacked by a pack of dingos on Fraser Island.

Paramedics were called to Eurong Beach on the eastern side of Fraser Island, south-east of Queensland, at about 5.45pm on Thursday evening.

The mother and her son, who are believed to be French tourists, had just got out of their car and were walking down the beach when they were set upon by a pack of dingos.

According to Queensland Ambulance Service, the pair panicked at the sight of the animals and ran back to the vehicle. A chase ensued, where the pack caught up with the mother and son and attacked.

The pair were set upon by a pack of dingos. Image: AAP.

The woman suffered multiple deep bites to her legs.

"The 10-year-old male child had significant wounds to his legs, arms and face," Director of Queensland Ambulance Service Michael Augustus said on Friday.

The pair were stabilised at the scene and their wounds were dressed.

It's believed the pair were attacked by the same dingo. Image: AAP

They were then airlifted to Sunshine Coast University Hospital by rescue helicopter, where they received further treatment for their injuries.

Dingos are allowed to roam freely on Fraser Island. In January, a six-year-old boy was bitten by a dingo in the same area as Thursday's attack.

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The little boy was returning from an afternoon swim with his family when we was set upon by a pack of four dingos.

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