You Can Now Tip Your Uber Driver In Australia

Uber has launched its in-app tipping service in Australia and New Zealand.

From Thursday, the ride-sharing giant is asking passengers and Uber-eaters whether they would like to add a tip for their driver after a trip or food delivery.

The option appears after the usual rating screen on the app and asks users to select an amount from preset options -- $1, $3 or $5 -- or their own amount up to $50.

Uber said it was a "small step" to help riders and diners celebrate their drivers and deliverers.

Would you tip your Uber driver? Image: Getty

"We have often heard from riders and eaters that they would like the opportunity to show their appreciation for great service," Lucas Groeneveld, Head of Driver, Uber Australia & New Zealand, said in a blog post on its website.

"We are now offering them the opportunity to recognise and thank partners for the things they do to make the experience more magical, memorable and fun."

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The service was rolled out across the US and the UK back in 2017. But while tipping is an inherent cultural standard in the United States, it remains to be seen how the service will be received Down Under.

Featured image: Getty