Teenager Catches 3.1 Metre Bull Shark At Popular Swimming Spot

Kai George was celebrating his 17th birthday when he received an unexpected gift -- a massive shark at the end of his fishing line.

George and his mates were fishing in Port Hacking River, in Sydney's south, on Tuesday night.

George said they had been "mucking around" and took out a big rod and hook, but didn't expect to catch a creature quite so big.

"Suddenly the line started screaming and we had hooked a bull shark," he told 10 daily.

Image: Supplied/ Kai George

The shark didn't give in easy, with George and his mates fighting it from 8pm on Tuesday until 1am Wednesday.

"It towed us up and down the Port Hacking River for hours," he said.

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While George manned the rod for the entire time, he said it was a "team effort" to finally catch the shark.

As the shark was nearly bigger than the boat they were on, the group hauled it on to Lilli Pilli Sandbar to admire their catch.

Image: Supplied/ Kai George

But the fear of being bitten by the shark wasn't a big concern, George said.

"It's always at the back of your mind, but with the adrenaline I didn't really think about it," he said.

After posing for photos, the boys released the shark.

Image: Supplied/ Kai George

George said it is rare for a bull shark to be found in that area, a popular swimming spot.

Despite the rarity of the find, it is not the first time George has caught a shark in the Port Hacking River.

Last Easter, he caught a 3.28 metre bull shark, and while some may say George is a bad luck charm, he disagrees.

"I definitely think it's good luck," he laughed.