Baby Likely To Have Been Sitting In Dad's Lap During Car Crash, Police Say

A minor and avoidable crash in Lurnea on Monday night has left an 11-month-old fighting for life.

Police say the baby was most likely to have been in his father’s lap, not in his car seat, when their BMW collided with a Mercedes on Clingan Avenue, just several hundred metres from their home.

The baby was hit with the full force of the airbag and suffered serious head and facial wounds.

Image: Provided

Neighbours heard the crash just before 6pm and raced outside to find a distressed father with a lifeless little boy.

“He was panicked yelling ‘get the baby’s mother, get the baby’s mother’,” Lyn Carlin told reporters.

Passers-by ran to retrieve his partner and within minutes she was there trying to resuscitate him.

“The mother was giving him mouth-to-mouth… everyone was doing CPR,” another neighbour recalled.

They did everything they could until paramedics arrived and flew him to Westmead Childrens Hospital where he remains in a critical and unstable condition.

Paramedics attended to the child at the scene before flying to Westmead Childrens Hospital. Image: provided

His father and the other driver were taken to hospital for mandatory blood and alcohol testing.

Police are alleging the driver of the Mercedes was distracted and veered into the vehicle with the child in it.

“We’re looking at the driver going to the incorrect side of the road and we’re also looking at issues around where the child was seated,” NSW Highway Patrol Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy said.

“All indications suggest the child was on the lap of the driver of that vehicle… (and) the injuries…were consistent with being struck by the airbag.”

Corboy added that they found an empty child seat in the back of the father’s vehicle.

Both drivers are now facing serious charges for the minor bingle.

CCTV footage captured neighbours reacting to the crash. Image: provided

According to the Centre for Road Safety, 16 children have been killed in road traffic accidents since 2013, only two were not wearing a seat belt or properly restrained.

Yet just last year, NSW Police issued 6300 fines to motorists with unrestrained children in their cars in a bid to keep our young ones safe on the road.

“It is a serious problem for us and we’ll keep enforcing that because it’s really important,” Corboy said.