Two Young Boys Who Went Missing From Their Home Have Been Found Dead

The bodies of two little boys who went missing in the Townsville suburb of Cranbrook have been found.

Police says it's still a mystery what led Jhulio and Barak Eatts to leave their home on Brett Street about 5.30 on Monday afternoon.

Some members of the local community have told police they saw the pair walking the streets, but concern for them peaked when they failed to return home.

Amber Alerts were issued for the pair, but on Tuesday morning police confirmed their search had ended with tragic news.

The two boys, aged just three and five, were found dead in the Ross River.

The bodies of the two boys were found in the Ross River. Image: Facebook/Eatts Leeann.

Queensland Police Service confirmed the bodies of two boys were found close together in a small, cut-away area of the river between 4.40am and 6am.

Due to recent flood events, the water was deep and the bank had become steep from erosion.

"The 3-year-old and 5-year-old brothers went missing around 5.30pm yesterday and were located this morning deceased in the Ross River near Cranbrook Park" Police said in a statement.

There were no suspicious circumstances according to police. It's also too early to determine the exact cause of death for both the little boys.

Missing Boys
An image of the pair taken from CCTV footage. Image: Twitter/Queensland Police.

The search for the boys went though Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Queensland Police told media on Tuesday 40 officers, 30 SES crew members and Queensland Fire and Rescue Service were involved in the operation.

It is estimated between 30 and 40 people from the local community also joined the search after police issued the Amber Alerts.

News of the boys' deaths was delivered to the family shortly after the discovery of their lifeless bodies. Their mother, Leeann Eatts, announced on Facebook that she would be going offline to take some time to grieve.

Missing Boys
CCTV image of the two boys walking from their home on Monday afternoon. Image: Queensland Police

"Hi all. Going offline [sic] for about 20 minutes," Eatts wrote.

"I just need to recoup for a minute. Thanks to everyone. And I will try and get back to you all of you."

Eatts also provided incremental updates on Monday as Police were searching for her boys.

“I got 8 police cars at my house and everyone on foot looking for them please keep a close eye out for them on the streets near stock lands cranbrook and surrounding suburbs freaking rite out now,” she wrote on Facebook.

Later, she spoke of the draining wait for news about where her children were.

“Still can’t find them, we got police motorbikes and choppers out and 20 police units have set up on cranbrook park. I am so tired and empty,” she wrote.

Police said the family is devastated by the sudden death of two young members of their family and they have been offered support services to help them manage.

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