Driver Stopped At Servo Fined For Keeping His Car Unlocked And Windows Down

A man has been stung with a $112 fine for leaving his car unlocked at a petrol station in Sydney. 

Ben Judd was on his way to work in Woollahra on Friday morning when he stopped off to pick up a meat pie.

Judd was away from his car for "no more than a minute" before returning to find he'd been parked in by a police car, he wrote in a Facebook post.

"I was greeted with a lovely breath test and random drug test, both came back negative, the officer then picked on my LED light bar which is installed correctly so he had nothing once again," he wrote.

Judd was then handed the fine for leaving his windows down and his car unlocked.

"Thoughts? Is that even a law?" he asked.

Well, the answer is yes.

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People in NSW, and indeed other states, can be handed this rather obscure fine for walking away from their car without locking it -- or leaving the windows wound down.

According to regulation 213 of the NSW Road Rules 2014, a driver must lock their vehicle and secure their windows if they are more than three metres from it. Those who are caught out face a $112 fine.

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Versions of the state law also apply in Queensland and Victoria where drivers could be slapped with respective $40 and $117 fines.

The rules were introduced to combat car thefts, including of valuable items, from unlocked vehicles.

Superintendent Duncan, from the Eastern Suburbs Police Area Command, told 10 daily the issue has been problematic in his area over recent months.

"I have instructed my staff to crack down on vehicles being left unlocked, because we are seeing a number of items being stolen from insecure vehicles," he said.

Judd is entitled to challenge the ticket in court, Spt Duncan said.

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