Man To Be Charged After 'Disturbing' Dog Attack Caught On Video

WARNING: Some viewers may find the following footage distressing.

A man filmed appearing to savagely attack a dog in Mackay has been identified, RSPCA Queensland said.

The distressing footage -- shared to social media -- showed a man appearing to lunge suddenly at the dog, before repeatedly punching the animal.

The man then appeared to attempt to pick up the dog before slamming it to the ground, before it flees.

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The video, captured by CCTV, was believed to have been filmed on February 13 in a suburban street of North Mackay, Queensland.

On Thursday, an RSPCA spokesperson said they had received calls from the public with information regarding the incident.

RSPCA QLD confirmed to 10 daily on Thursday afternoon the man in the footage, who cannot be identified, was expected to be charged shortly with one count of animal cruelty.

Queensland Police said they were aware of the video, but that the RSPCA has the power to issue charges relating to animal cruelty.

Image: Facebook (RSPCA Queensland)

The RSPCA also confirmed it had taken the dog in the video into its care, after a warrant was issued on a property in connection to the video.

They said the dog was currently being treated for heartworm.

The RSPCA said anyone found guilty of animal cruelty charges faces a maximum penalty of three years in jail.

On Thursday the organisation thanked members of the public who reported information but issued a reminder there can be serious consequences for openly posting possible information on a person's identity on social media.

Featured Image: RSPCA Queensland

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