Watch This Snake Slither Up An Antenna To Eat A Bird

In what is arguably video evidence that absolutely nowhere is safe from Aussie snakes, a python has been captured attempting to chomp down on a large bird while dangling above a NSW roof.

Yes, from the country that brought you snake in a toilet, snake in an air-conditioner and most recently, snake in the laundry, we bring you -- snake on an antenna.

It's nothing like the work of snake happily sunbathing on a Sydney beach, but rather more reminiscent of snake decides to swallow family's pet cat whole.

Just another classic Aussie hit.

The python -- who it has to be said, is winning big points of ingenuity -- slithered up the antenna of a Kingscliff home on the NSW far north coast.

Once up there, it presumably caught and killed what is believed to have been a currawong.

It then curls itself up into a coil, to pull the bird up the antenna.

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The nightmare-inducing video was uploaded to the Kingscliff Happenings facebook group on Wednesday.

"Never seen this before..." homeowner Cathy Gall said on the video.

Us neither Cathy! And yet here we are.

While the python does appear to be struggling to pull both itself and its prey back up while dangling from the antenna, Gall was kind enough to share an update on how this abomination ended.

In a photo shared to Facebook, our daredevil snake can be seen happily chowing down on its lunch on the roof.

"It finally dropped onto our roof & is slowing eating the currawong!”

Lunch with a view? Great.