Cheeky Pilot Draws 'I'm Bored' In The Sky During Flight

We've all probably been bored on a long-haul flight at some point -- but this pilot took it to new heights.

Keen flight trackers were tickled to notice a message spelled out in the skies above South Australia on Tuesday.

The 'Flight Aware' website tracked a Diamond Star plane, which took off from the Parafield airport just before 9am, taking a strange path northwest towards Port Augusta.

The pilot spelled out the words "I'm bored" -- and two smaller shapes that looked suspiciously like a certain part of the male anatomy.

The flight, which went for just over three hours, is believed to have been operated by a air training school.

The ABC quoted Civil Aviation Safety Authority spokesman Peter Gibson as saying such activity from pilots was "uncommon but not unheard of".

"As long as the pilot flies the aircraft safely and complies with all the aviation safety rules we are not too concerned about what that track looks like," he told the ABC.

A DA-40 Diamond Star, similar to the one used by the pilot ( via Getty Images)

Flight Training Adelaide director Pine Pienaar told Perth Now that "apparently [the pilot] got bored”.

“Young instructors, what can you do?” he commented.