Family Hold Out Hope For Man Missing After Fatal Jetski Accident

He wasn't screaming or yelling. He wasn't demanding answers. He was trying to be useful.

At lunchtime he sent his adult children to fetch McDonald's and KFC for the police search teams, to give them something as they worked.

But for hours, and in the baking 37-degree heat at Pitt Town, Mostafa Saberian just sat quietly by the river. Staring out in hope.

Just once, when he thought no one could see, he started to cry.

Mostafa's younger brother Mehdi, or Medhija as he was affectionately known, disappeared after the jetski he and two friends were on rolled in the Hawkesbury River on Sunday.

Mostafa Saberian stands by the river where his brother disappeared. (Image: 10 News First)

Mehdi disappeared beneath the water while another man, 47-year-old Ehsan Salmanzadeh, was pulled from the river by a nearby boat.

His wife was on board, along with their two children. She's a nurse and was the first to try resuscitation. But they couldn't get him back.

In the video played on news bulletins that night, the third man on the jetski that morning can be seen collapsing behind the ambulance as it took his friend's body away.

This was supposed to be a weekend getaway.

Police search the river (Image: 10 News First)

The group, made up of friends and families, were all of Iranian descent. They'd arrived at the Butterfly Farm campsite at 7pm on Saturday night. The fateful trip was their first out on the water, the next day.

One of the friends said afterwards they realised too late the two men couldn't swim.

Mostafa said he'd seen his brother for dinner at his house on Friday night.

Mehdi had told him of his plan for the weekend. He would take out his new jetski on the water. He'd even shown off his lifejacket to his brother. Mostafa said he just doesn't know, why he didn't put it on.

"He said 'this is my life jacket and on Sunday I want to go on the river'," Mustafa recalls.

"I said '100 percent put it on'."

He shook his head as he told the story.

The police are still searching that part of the river, teams of divers were taking it in turns to jump in.

At one point Mostafa asked a reporter if the police will leave soon.

No, he's reassured. They'll stay. They will keep looking until they find him.

So will Mostafa. For the little brother who he says was the first in their family to decide to move to Australia.

And who wanted to enjoy everything about the country he now called home.