Family Of 11 Left Stranded After Thief Steals Only Car

A Melbourne couple and their nine children have been dealt a cruel blow.

Their 12 seater van, which allows them to travel as a family, was stolen from the front of their Carrum Downs house over the weekend.

Now, Liana and Anthony Rhimes can't take their children to school, and they're questioning whether they'll be able to buy a replacement.

“We feel trapped,” said Liana.

She said losing their white Toyota HiAce came as a shock and a huge inconvenience.

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Without their vehicle, midwife Liana and teacher Anthony, can't drop their 9 children to school.

“It's two, one-hour trips so without a vehicle to fit 11 people -- that's impossible,” she said.

Liana and her husband bought the van two months ago. But, due to the size of the family, securing a loan was difficult.

“The Toyota finance rejected us, so we had to go through Volkswagen finance and that took about two months,” Anthony said.

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Adding, they can't bear the thought of going through the process again, let alone the cost of having to buy another four car seats and a pram.

Their insurance company won’t process their claim for another two weeks in case the car is recovered.

Anyone who spots the van with the number plate, YNV 924, is being urged to contact police.

“Let them know where the car is so we can get it back and keep on living,” Anthony said.

If you’d like to help support the family, you can donate here.