Seemingly Healthy Six Year Old's Dental Pain Found To Be Leukaemia

When Hunter's family noticed a lump on her jaw in the latter half of 2018, they took her to see a doctor.

After months of medical appointments, Hunter was given a prescription for antibiotics to fix her suspected dental problem.

The lump on her face continued to grow until one night, the six-year-old from Maryborough, Queensland woke in excruciating pain. She also had a headache and was feeling sick.

Hunter's family took her to Maryborough Hospital and after examining the build-up of pus under her skin, doctors believed the lump on her jaw was an abscess.

Hunter Was Diagnosed With Cancer
Hunter was taken to a doctor with a dental issue. Image: GoFundMe

Not long after, doctors told Hunter's family their little girl had cancer. The family was immediately flown to Queensland Children's Hospital in Brisbane.

"We then learned that hunty has t-cell type leukaemia," Hunter's grandfather Lee Spindler wrote on a GoFundMe page.

Spindler set up the page in an appeal for public assistance to deal with the costs of the unexpected diagnosis.

T-cell cancer is an aggressive, fast-moving type of Leukaemia. It attacks lymphoid-cell-producing stem cells that help the body fight infection.

Hunter Was Diagnosed With Cancer
Hunter in hospital during treatment. Image: GoFundMe

"Her medical expenses as well as food, fuel, parking, maintenance on the car ... are extremely expensive and is a lot more then I receive," Spindler wrote.

"I am not one to usually ask for help but I have no other choice but to reach out and ask for all the help that I can get."

Hunter's family have been travelling the three hours between Maryborough and Brisbane to see her. The most recent update on the GoFundMe page includes a photo showing Hunter smiling, where she appears in good spirits.

Hunter Was Diagnosed With Cancer
Hunter is putting up a brave fight against cancer. Image: GoFundMe

Hunter's mother Krissy also posted photos of her daughter saying she's putting up a strong fight against cancer.

According to the GoFundMe page, Hunter is not allowed to go home due to a high volume of appointments and treatments that are keeping her in Brisbane.

The GoFundMe page has so far raised over $4,900 to help with little Hunter's treatment.

Featured Image: GoFundMe

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